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*i do not believe in death as a solution, but then there are some people, nature should take back.
*dear silent sensibles, history documenting your silence in d middle of violence & trouble all around when vocal violents r doing overtime.
*every few years, something or other happens and i feel was only my mistake, i should have expected such an honesty only from a dog...,
*a device 2 wipe floor, clean potty, pack things, floor cover 2 sit, push fly away, fan, knowledge, entertain, just Rs. 2 ! a newspaper.
*at times it is easier to prove a point, but then it is more important to prove that you wish to remain friend. :-)
*many people comment as if borders are more important to them, then the earth. my sympathies.
*if Ekta Kapoor’s Hindi serials(soaps) would b off air 4 a week, millions indian women would lose life without such torture, pain, suffering.
*is BJP demand 4 resignation of manmohan singh, backed and promoted by some Congress leaders from behind the curtain :-)
*paid or unpaid people tweeting 4 propaganda, pls select party/organisation flags as your pix.

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